Homage to the 70s from my mother’s closet

My closet has expanded significantly in the last year. Not from shopping but from my mom’s closet. One such item is this beautiful dress from Oaxaca, Mexico, that my mom got in the 70s. However, I was a bit nervous because, although it’s beautifully embroidered, it sort of just hangs without structure. But I still loved it. To resolve the problem, I added a leather biking jacket and chunky wooden sandals (it was a warm October day). Thus, I ended up with a Joni Mitchell meets James Dean look. Quite a strange juxtaposition but I enjoyed it!

Dress, vintage; leather jacket, Etsy, shop: BuddyBuddyVintage; shoes, not sure-from my mom’s closet

Joni Mitchell

James Dean


The first post…!

So here’s my first foray into the blogosphere. Who knows if it will last past today or continue on as a success for years to come. I basically want to start a blog as a way to deposit stray thoughts I have while doing homework or sitting in class. Anyways I figure I should tell my nonexistent readers a bit about me.

1. I love to experiment with fashion. Thus my style is random and a bit eclectic. Somedays it’ll be bright clashing prints and other times, grey, beige, and black. The only constant in my style is that I tend to layer.

2. I also love baking/cooking and will probably post pictures of recent creations such as cinnamon rolls, homemade mac + cheese, and chocolate semifreddo.

3. Finally, I’m an avid reader/movie watcher. Currently readingĀ The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery. For movies, it’s all aboutĀ The Godfather.

I guess this was a basic outline of things I will blog about if I somehow finagle an audience (probably won’t happen), then again it could. Maybe when the first people to read this post it will be 2015 (if we make it past Dec. 2012, of course…) and exclaiming, “Oh look! Her first ever post. She has such witty, self-deprecating humor. I can see why she made it big!”

Well this may or may not be the last post I ever make. We’ll see. Bye for now.

Also, my name is not sundrythreads; it’s Margaret. Nice to meet you!